Pendleton King NEEDS your help!

We have been given the materials needed to modify (or shall we say "OVERHAUL") 90% of the Pendleton King course, BUT, we are on a time limit. If we do not get things done on time we will lose our donation. Please contact Jimmy Padgett or Matt Flynn if you would like to help. You are greatly appreciated. Thank You

Matt Flynn
PK Course Rep
Jimmy Padgett

New Videos posted from Icebowl

Johnny B has posted a few new vids from the Patriots Park IceBowl DVD. The DVD should be available by March 20th. Check out a few samples on the Media page or just CLICK HERE.

Patriots Park Ice Bowl


The Ice Bowl at Patriots Park was a great time! We all got pretty wet, but everyone seemed to be in great spirits. JohnnyB has posted pics and videos , and Jimmy will be giving us all of the details a little later. Thanks to everyone who came out and supported. Your attendance is greatly appreciated!
And yes folks, there were
"No Wimps and No Whiners"!