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Augusta Disc Golf

Developing a disc golf passion is a decision you won’t regret at all. Amazingly easy to learn, with no requirements or restrictions,
disc golf has favorably impacted many people’s lives.

Pendleton King Needs your help!

Disc Golf Matters!
We advocate disc golf as an activity that is healthy for the environment, society, and the body.

Official Rules and Regulations of Disc Golf

Our Golf Fields, A Modern Comfortable Place For Play

Join us in the club-house seven days a week

Leisure Activities

PDGA International Disc Golf Center

The PDGA International Disc Golf Center actively promotes the enjoyment and development of disc golf as a sport for leisure players

The Levee Disc Golf Course

Discover and enjoy the Levee Disc Golf courses that we are currently developing and maintaining good for you.

Disc Golf Major Championship

Are you prepared to compete against the top disc golfers in the neighborhood and adjacent areas? Move along with us!

Pendleton King Park Professional Disc Golf Association

Our Disc Golf Association is committed to warmly and confidently embracing new generations of people, both young and old, into our sport, our fields, and our lives.

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